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 Question by john law posted 03 May 2004
 STP cable cat5
we're planning to install new network line in our plant using cat5 STP cable. the problem is the distance between nodes. the distance from our server to proposed site is approx 198meters. Since the limitation of STP is same about the UTP Cable specs. i need your advice if its ok to put switches end to end with the distance mentioned above can still gain the speed of 100 mbps? or if its ok to put switch between the distance of 198 meters served as repeater? we dont need fiber optics expensive..Pls give me detailed and thorough advice to this problem. tnx!!!
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 05 May 2004
Dear john,

It seems that you and Neil (see other post today) are either working on the same project or very similar ones.

The same advice goes for you. The electronics are expensive too (Not sure of your location) but here in the USA, the cost of a fiber run is mimimally higher (if at all) then a STP cable.

The concept to put a switch or repeater in the middle of a 198 meter run would require great accuracy as there is a maximum of 100 meters for the channel (90 meters for the Link).

I would hate to think of the expense of putting in the category 5e cable and purchasing the electronics finding that you still cannot achieve the performance levels desired.

One other advantage to fiber is the bandwidth can be stepped up in the future to Gigabit or more.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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