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 Question by neil d posted 03 May 2004
Since you've suggested to used fiber optics having a distance approx to 200meters.. how about i'll use switch? Example since i will use 2 switched every nodes (cabling distance of 200meters), il put switch between the cables..its ok? still i gain the speed of 100mbps?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 05 May 2004
Dear neil,

It does not matter if you use a switch or repeater, you are still going to have a distance limitation of 100 meter sfor the Channel as per the standards. I doubt if you are going to be able achieve any level of bandwidth at all with the high attenuation due to the excessive length and also the maximum skew parameter is another consideration. Last at that length, the signal will be so low that any EMI (even with screened or shielded cables) would also add to degrigration of the intended signal.

I still believe that fiber optics is a good solution to your problem and the additional expense is out weighed by the cost of the additional proposed electronics.

I would also check this with the manufacturers of the equipment you are proposing to use.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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