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 Question by robert anderson posted 26 Mar 2004
 home cable adapter
Hello all,
I had a problem with a intermittent slow and no-signal problem with my cable modem. The cable guy came out and said I had a bad cable. (my TV worked though) The incoming cable from the street was split 3 ways. One to the computer modem, one to a TV, and one to a TV upstairs. After he changed the cable he installed his own splitter. My question, on the cable going upstairs he attached a little thing on the "out" of splitter. it actually looks like a metal socket from a car mechanics socket ratchet wrench. This thing is screwed in one of the "outs" of the splitter and the cable is screwed in to the it. The markings on it say: MHP-50 050 ARCOM. So.... a)what the heck is this thing and b)if it is needed, how come he didn't put it on the other cable for the other TV, or on the cable for the computer modem.
Thank you.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 30 Apr 2004
Dear robert,

This may be a filter or trap commonly used in the CATV industries. I took a quick look at the ARCOM website
and could not locate that particular part number. You may want to try and contact their support at sales@arcomlabs.com for further information on your query.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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