110 Blocks

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 Question by Keith Michal posted 17 Mar 2004
 110 Blocks
Are all 110 blocks at least CAT5? How can you tell what specification a 110 block is? What determines the level, the block or the connecting clips?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 18 Mar 2004
Dear Keith,

The word "all" is pretty broad so I'll try to answer your question based upon "most".

It is a combination of the base, incxluding how the cables are routed to the termination point, and the clips that determine if an installation can be tested to the standards. Also don't forget to obey all installation best practices in performing the termination including minimum jacket removal, maintaining pair twist to within .5 inch of the connection point, no sharp bends or kinks, etc.

To determine the specification of a block you would need to consult with the manufacturer as to their ratings but most 110 blocks can be tested to category 5e standards. The block itself does not have any metal connection points but it is setup to accept the installation of the clips. The clips are one of the most important parts of this system and properly installed have shown to be very reliable.

Last ,your category 5e installation may end up being de-graded if the method of cross-connecting or patch to the block is not category 5e rated. Make sure you use the proper patching method to achieve category 5e rating. A number of manufacturers offer a 110-RJ patch cords that can help you meet that requirement. To satisfy yourself, I would perform permant link testing once the cable are fully terminated and a Channel test with the equipment cabling.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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