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 Question by Greg hammock posted 31 Jan 2004
 Fiber Optic Termination
I have structured cabling throughout my home which includes a single- unterminated fiber optic strand in the cable bundle. How do I terminate the fiber so that I can utilize components with toslink style ports?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 01 Feb 2004
Dear Greg,

Toslink utilizes 1 mm plastic fiber or 1mm plastic clad - over - glass fiber, so it would only make sense to terminate the fiber you have if it's that particular type.

The whole idea of Toslink though does not really tolerate the idea of being distributed throughout a house. It is a point-to-point connection with maximum lengths as little as 5m (~15 feet) over all-plastic fiber. The connection is normally supposed to be established between a source of digital audio and a receiver, both located in the same equipment rack.

However, if you still want to terminate that fiber and possibly use it for digital audio, you can use Internet to search for field-installable Toslink connectors. You will then need a cleaver (for glass) or hot knife (for all-plastic) and a polishing fixture to clean the ends.

One other problem to consider would be a faceplate that can hold a Toslink-to-Toslink adapter. I've never seen such device, but, again, with enough persistence you can find all kinds of things on the Net. Maybe you'll get lucky.

I would certainly be interested to hear from you about your project if you finally decide to pursue it. Please let us at know about applications you will be running over that fiber and suppliers where you got the equipment from.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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