What kind of cable is allowable in open air?

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 Question by Chris Bowen posted 30 May 2003
 What kind of cable is allowable in open air?
I know that CMP and MPP cables are required for use in environmental air systems (thanks to your site!), but what kind of cables can be just run through a room? I'm using cat-5 cables that are rated for thru-floor and risers, but for expediency I need to run several of these around a room (I plan to staple them to the wall near the ceiling). I would be grateful for some guidance.

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 03 Jun 2003
Dear Chris,

You can use the same riser-rated cables for open-air distribution. Look for CMR/MPR markings. This is what they call "regular PVC" cable. Since PVC composites used in conventional regular PVC cables are flame-resistant to some extent, they all receive riser rating.

Be careful with those staples! Do not use the flat ones, get the ones that are designed for round cables specifically, with the arc in the middle. Note that the staple does not have to change the cable's geometry in any way.

Good luck with the install!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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