2?-DD location & Connecting cat 5e to phoneto

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 Question by Bill Patterson posted 19 May 2003
 2?-DD location & Connecting cat 5e to phoneto
I'm rehabbing a 100-year-old house (limited access thru brick and/or plaster walls for cabling)--and I'm an absolute newcomer to structured wiring.

1. Having read all the dos and don'ts of placing the DD, there seems to be absolutely no where that will avoid all the don'ts. Best option is a centrally-located pantry room, but the only inside wall is the wall that houses the elevator mechanics (breaks the "no major appliances" rule). Three walls are exterior walls--two are 4 bricks thick and one is three bricks thick. The room is centrally air conditioned/heated year round. With exterior walls of this thickness and the HVAC conditions, can I break the "no exterior walls" rule for placing my DD?

2. I've read that one should use cat 5e cable for telephone wiring, and I've seen RJ45 outlets pictured as the outlet of choice for telephones. The 4-pair makes good sense to me, but I don't understand how one connects a telephone to the RJ45 outlet. Is this as simple as using a cable with a RJ45 jack at one end (wall outlet) and a RJ11 jack at the other end (phone input)? I feel stupid asking this, but everything I've read seems to assume that the reader already somehow knows this ...

Thanks for helping get me started,

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 22 May 2003
Dear Bill,

There are several reasons to avoid placing the DD on the exterior wall. First of all, this kind of perimeter location will for sure require more cable than anything located more centrally, on one of the interior walls. Also, DD in residential environment is best mounted by placing it essentially inside the wall between two studs. This is really not a good idea for an external wall because of thermal insulation.

However, your house seems to be way different from an average residential house in US, so I would suggest that, with all my respect to the design rules, you use "common sense" rule: the insulation is not a problem for you because you cannot use the wall as a space anyway. Besides, if you have figured out that this is the only place you have available and you can live with longer cables (if still within 295FT max), then just go ahead and put it on the exterior wall. (Well, inside side of it obviously ;-) )

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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