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 Question by neil riddock posted 04 Apr 2003
 Video over Cat5
i am in the framing stages of refinishing my basement and have run all my data/voice and RG6 from my media closet to where the tv will question is, I would like to include my PC as an available video/audio source. I have 3 options for video out on the pc (rca, vga and s-video).....the PC will be approx: 40ft from the tv and i am unsure what would be the best method for getting video "from here to there". I have read about the cat5 video baluns, i have also heard that i should make the long runs with coax and then terminate with a coax to svideo dongle....any suggestions....thanks in advance.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 09 Apr 2003
Dear Neil,

I do not really think you will need a balun if we are talking about 40ft only.

One of the cabling components manufacturers, Ortronics, makes simple adapters from 110-type IDC connector to RCA as well as S-Video connectors. Here are the part numbers:

110 to 3 RCA: OR-60900235 (white, red, yellow)
110 to 2 RCA: OR-60900223 (red, yellow)
110 to S-Video: OR-60900225

You will need a faceplate to hold the above jacks:

These jacks work very well because they can be installed using just regular 110-type punch-down tool, and no soldering is required.

We have working installation with more than 100Ft of CAT5E cable between RCA jacks with no visible distortion on either video or audio part.

Hope this helps,

Good luck with your installation!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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