Over 300ft. run

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 Question by Peter Giorgianni posted 11 Nov 2002
 Over 300ft. run
If cat 5e has a limit of 300ft run.What is the standard to connect cat 5e from point to point at 400 Ft.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 22 Nov 2002
Dear Peter,

Normally, you would have to establish additional IDF somewhat closer to your far end so that your length will go below 300FT. If this is not a critical application though, such as analog phone or fax, and the cost of the additional IDF (space, patch panel, power outlet, mounting hardware) is not easily justify-able, you could get away with just labeling this port as non-standard.

If we were not talking about just one or two cables, I would strongly recommend looking at additional IDF option. You never know how would you need to use the cables few years down the line, and the short-term savings for placing longer cables could be wiped off by additional expense of running more cables in future.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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