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 Question by Maansii - posted 02 Nov 2002
I have real problem here...I have connected 5 switches in a row. the first 3 switches working fine. all the users can access the network. but the last 2 are not connecting with other. The users can access each other on those switches but not the other beside them. I have changed the wire , jacks all things but the 4th swtich MDI light contineouly blinking...no matter what i do..it keeps blinking as data transfering...but not connecting. From the Server When I ping the user on the 5th switch...it doesnt work also...after 30 or 40 pings only one reply come.

Please help me
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 07 Nov 2002
Dear Maansii,

If the light is blinking all the time, it means something generates excessive traffic and your pings just do not go through and connections time-out.

The reasons can be faulty port at a switch, faulty network card or a lot of broadcast traffic from a station.

I would get a network sniffing software (it is available as part of Windows 2000) and look into traffic patterns (who generates what)

Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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