2 Pair Ethernet

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 Question by John B posted 31 Oct 2002
 2 Pair Ethernet
I am bidding for a project where only four wires or 2 pair are available for data transmission. My dilema is that they are not terminated to any sort of jack and an Ethernet network is desired. What type of connector shoud I use, if anything, to terminate the jack facing the end user? What can I use to terminate the run at the other where I'll need to connect to an Ethernet network device like a switch?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 01 Nov 2002
Dear John,

Although it's not really a good design practice, that can be done. Use two jacks at end user end. 110-type panel on the other end with 2-pair 110-to-RJ45 patch cords will work just fine.

Please note though that if this is existing cabling, it's most likely just CAT3 (if even). Plus, people usually don't care much about telephony cabling (which is probably what it was for), so it can be terribly mishandled and therefore not suitable for Ethernet.

You may also consider using the 2-pair cables as pull strings for better cables.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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