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 Question by David Takanashi posted 17 Oct 2002
 Phone wont ring

I asked a quetion earlier about cat5e over voice and your answer to my question was really helpful,thanks. My question now is that the phones wont ring. I terminated the cat5e cable on the jack as 568B and punched down the 4 pair on the 66 block as follows: white-blue/blue, white-orange/orange, white-green/green, and whitebrown/brown. The phones work but now they wont ring. Do you have any suggestions? Also how does a phone ring?


 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 07 Nov 2002
Dear David ,

I can think of two possible problems:

(1) Either the ring voltage is not sent from the PBX , check your PBX setup

(2) Or you daisy-chained (paralleled) too many phones on one line (about more than 4) and each phone does not get enough voltage to ring.

Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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