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 Question by Olu Osun posted 09 Aug 2002
 MY LAN is Slow
I work in an ISP/Telecommunication Firm. I have a network that is running at full duplex, 100mbps with about 25 systems with speed all in the range of Pentium(111) 733 - 1000mhz. This network is connected through a Cisco switch, Cisco Router, Optic Fibre Multiplexer, INX world Telecoms Lab switch,With a couple of servers running on Windows 2000 Server Operating System and clients running on Windows 2000 Professional.My Internet Satelite has a speed of 576kbps.
The Problem is that the systems loads internet pages slowly(except the server),The individual systems also loads programms very slowly and most times it end up hanging, Also, Communicating amongst the computer in the local intranet is very slow.
PLEASE what could be the cause?
NB: The network cabling is done with a CAT 5 UTP cable.

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 09 Aug 2002
Dear Olu,

This is a really tough question to be answered remotely. There could be plenty of reasons and, yes, the cabling is one of those. However, I would rather start checking the network's 'health' with software or hardware tools that measure utilisation, collision as well as tracing to any outside host. Again, the cabling could certainly be a problem, and the best way to eliminate this option is to re-certify the cabling in its entirety with a certification tool such as FLUKE DSP4X00, OmniScanner II or something like that. There are also simpler tools like in-line version of FlUKE NetTool that measure Bit Error Rate, which can tell you (indirectly) that there is something wrong with the physical link.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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