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 Question by T Taylor posted 31 Jul 2002
 cable length

I need to connect a remote kiosk to a main building that is 1200+ feet with voice and data (two phones & two computers). A plastic pipe runs between the locations (with pull string) already. What cabling/termination type do you recommend for this distance for voice? For data?

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 31 Jul 2002
Dear Todd,

Depending on the speed that's required for the data connection, you can go either with modem connection or possible use fiber. Equipment cost will have to be considered though. You can buy relatively inexpensive fiber NIC cards and switch if you decide to go 10Mbit/s. If 10Mbit/s is not enough, then fiber is the only option anyway, so you would have to consider buying couple 100BASE-FX switches no matter what.

As far as telephone is concerned, you would have to pull at least 4-pair twisted copper pair cable with 24 AWG conductors.

The most technologically advanced solution would be to utilize the same fiber 100MBit/s link using IP Phones. This would of course depend on whether you have IP phone system in the main building already.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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