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 Question by Mary Thompson posted 16 Jun 2000
 Cross Over cables for Token Ring
I am in a total quandry here. I am teaching in a classroom that is a token ring network and has SMC Token NIC's. In an apparently vain attempt to get my students to see how cross over's work, we made them, but they failed to work.....I even tried a known good cable. We used the standard pin-out for a crossover. What I need to know is IF it is possible to get them to work with that setup, or if we need to utilize an entirely different pin-out. Missed the forest for the trees earlier in the semester and tried to use an ethernet hub to simulate a peer-to-peer...boy was my face red.......anyway...any info you can provide would be extremely helpful.
Have a good day
MR Thompson
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 19 Jun 2000
Hi, Mary!

I am not a big expert in Token Ring, but here is the Token Ring UTP pin configuration I found in one of my networking books:

Signal UTP Pin
Transmit 3
Receive 4
Receive 5
Transmit 6

For cross-over, I think you have to reverse 3-6 and 4-5 pins in your patch cords.

Please check that your patch cords are Category 5.

Just for information, you may find ethernet crossover cord pin-out here:

Hope this answers your question,
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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