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 Question by steve baker posted 17 Jun 2002
 voice hardware
I have 2 phone lines coming into the house. I would like to be able to use both lines to support 8 locations with both lines. One line for voice, and onel line for modem 56K. What hardware would be used to support this application

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 17 Jun 2002
Dear Steve,

8 devices is a bit too much for a simple parallel connection, so I would suggest that you get a small PBX telephone system such as Bizfon 680 or alike. This way your eight locations will become a full-functional extensions with voice-mail, auto-attendant and other functions, while sharing the same 2 incoming lines. The phone system will be also able to auto-transfer fax calls to the correct extension. Please note, however, that 8 extensions on 2 lines, especially considering that you will be using a modem, will be a bit too busy. The average ratio is rather 3:8 or even 4:8
Anyway, if you take Bizfon system as an example, they support up to 6 incoming lines to 8 extensions.

Please note: as far as modem is concerned, PBXs are usually limit the speed of connection. Please check with the vendor before you buy.

Another big chunk of hardware is obviously the wiring to all your locations. The telephone system of such class uses 1-pair wiring, so you can keep it pretty simple. Alternatively, you can run 4-pair data-grade (CAT5 or better) cables to the locations and use them for networking if you need it.

For your reference: here is the link to Bizfon site: http://www.bizfon.com

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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