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 Question by Dion Johnson posted 14 Jun 2002
 IDSL and ISDN inside wiring
I currently have a shielded 4-cond wire from my ISDN modem to the phone co. junction box outside the house. Works fine. (just using 2 of the wires).
Now I will be adding IDSL and need to overlap usage of both services for a short time, where both may be running concurrently.
Can I just use the other two conductors in the shielded cable for the IDSL? It's about a 40 foot length. Or will there be interference between the ISDN wires and the IDSL wires since they are so close inside a single shielded cable?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 15 Jun 2002
Dear Dion,

I did never try to do exactly that, but did run two ISDN modems on the same unshielded CAT5E cable, and it worked fine over more than 150 feet. However, the shielded cable you are using has lower rating than CAT5 (E). So there may be a slight chance that you'll get some interference. I think, you should try to run both services together having another cable pull in mind for just in case.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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