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 Question by Simon Crook posted 15 Jan 2002
Hey Dmitri

I find your sight very informative and helpful. I recomend it to all beginers and experts. My questions is simple. I am connecting 3 computers so that all three share 1 LAN connection. All 3 computers have ethernet cards but im confused with what cables need to be used. The colours from the LAN cable is Black, Green, Blue and Orange with obviously white between them but the other cords i bought are Orange Green Blue and Orange. Are any of these crossovers? (doesnt the HUB with an Uplink slot do the crossover for me?) Should i buy a ROuter,Hub or Switch? to do this and what cords are needed? Can i buy these in Curcuit City or Future Shop?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 30 Jan 2002
Dear Simon,

Thank you for the warm feedback about our site!
The pair colors that you refer to are really Blue-Orange-Green-Brown. I guess, some manufacturers make brown either too dark so that it looks black or too bright so that it looks orange.

When you connect the PCs to a hub, you should definitely use straight cables, not crossovers. In your case you would only need crossovers between the hub and a router if you decide to let them all see Internet. Actually, depending on the uplink port configuration you may be able to get away with just a straight cord instead of a crossover. Most of the times there is a little switch next to the uplink port that lets you choose between straight-trough and crossover cord.
When you buy a DSL or Cable modem to connect to Internet, you may want to check whether or not it comes with crossover because you are going to need it between modem and router also.
As far as provisioning is concerned, there are plenty of sources available. I'm not familiar with Future Shop, but Circuit City is definitely one of the sources. Just choose the one that you feel comfortable with and the one that provides enough information on the product you're buying.

Good luck with your network setup!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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