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 Question by Deb Collins posted 31 Dec 2001
 No communication from the patch panel through the hub
We are setting up a 16 pc Cat5e peer-2-peer network. We are using a patch
panel & HUB. We cabled to the patch panel and then used commercial cat5
patch cable from the patch panel to the HUB. Our problem is we get no communication
between pc's from the patch panel through the HUB. It appears that the cabling
color code on the patch panel is totally different then that on the commercial
cables. Also .. the patch panel says "180 degrees" .. does this mean that
the color codes are reversed from the panel to the HUB?

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 31 Dec 2001
Dear Deb,

It appears that there is definitelly no compatibility between your patch panel color code and your jacks at the PC locations color code. This is assuming that you have jacks at the PC locations. Make sure the color code labels on the jacks and the patch panel says the same, like "T568A" for both or "T568B" for both.

If there are no jacks at the PC locations (which is highly NOT recommended), make sure the pin layout for the crimped plugs matches the scheme on the patch panel. Again, look for the notes like "T568A" or "T568B". The pin layout scheme you can get from here:

Also, were you able to differentiate between network software and cabling problems? If you can see your "link" lights on the hub and the NICs, it means that there is a physical link and the cabling is OK.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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