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 Question by Mark Calvo posted 21 Nov 2001
 Hotel Communications Dist
Dear Roman and Dimitri,

You both have helped me before and I am asking for you help and/or professional opinion once again. The current task I am faced with is concerns a hotel. This particular hotel posses a few distribution nightmares. First of all, the plenum space for horizontal distribution is practically nonexistent for all but 2 floors. vertical pathways are very limited as well. Currently the design that has been proposed is to run the riser cable horizontally (distributing to the various IDF's) and the station cables vertically up chases in the walls to the various rooms. Distance wise this makes sense since the hotel is only 8 stories tall and 140 ft to top floor, well within the allotted 295 ft for horizontal cabling. I'm not sure how I feel about this current design. Do you have any other suggestions? If this design is at all feasible then how are the cables (station cables run vertically) to be supported? As usual your help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 24 Nov 2001
Hi, Mark!

Sorry for the delay with this reply. Could you please send me a short drawing that I understand it better?

By the way, RCDD software is on hold because we are not sure if we should pursue this opportunity.

As you may know, we publish the Residential Cabling Guide and we are very busy now preparing the next edition.

Best regards

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