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 Question by johnny hsieh posted 22 Oct 2001
 Gigabit Ethernet on UTP
1.What the Gigabit TX Standard said about using UTP? Cat5e or Cat6 or stil can use Cat5?

2.Some of the new products' ports can auto crossover UTP cable,does it mean we don't have to worry about the RJ45 connector,and just use normal cable?

3.I heard some one said he use normal Cat5 cable in his Gigabit TX products and work properly?!

4.Should I make the RJ45 connectors like
,or I can still follow the TIA/EIA 568a/568b like 10/100Mbps?
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 24 Oct 2001
Hello, Johnny!

It is recommended to use Cat5e cable and components. It's possible to install Cat5 cable and components, but you will need to do additional testing of your installed links. It will work in 70-80%.

If the equipment has auto cross-over function, then you doesn't need to use cross-over cable to connect two computers without using a switch or hub.

For Gigabit Ethernet wiring, you can use the same pinouts as 10 and 100 Mbit Ethernet.

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