Wiring Wall Plate

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 Question by Bruce Sterling posted 08 Oct 2006
 Wiring Wall Plate
I am wiring a cat 5 cable to the back of a wall plate with an RJ45 and an RJ11 jack. There are 8 terminals on the rear of the plate for the RJ45 connectivity. I'm using pair 1 for phone line in the RJ11 jack. How do I wire the RJ45 jack with the remaining wires? Do I just use pairs 2 and 3? If so, which terminals do they go to (colors)? Thanks.

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 10 Oct 2006
Dear Bruce,
It sounds like you would like to use a single 4-pair cable for two services. From what you described above, yes use pairs 2 & 3 (White/Orange and White/Green) for your data/network services. The actual arrangement of the pairs on the 8 pin jack will depend if you need to use T568A or B wiring scheme. It does not matter which one you use as long as both ends are the same.
Here is a link to one of our pages that contains both. If you jacks have both color codes on them just choose one for both ends (the colors on the jacks will be also the white/orange and white/green pairs)


You should be able to have 100BaseT even with dual services in a single cable but sometime only 10BaseT is possible due to noise/crosstalk.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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