rj45 jacks

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 Question by Michael Harvey posted 19 Oct 2001
 rj45 jacks
I am preparing to install cat 6 wiring and will be making my own patch cords. Will any rj45(male) jack work with cat 6 wiring. I have noticed some jacks that claim "enhanced" cat 5, but can't find any cat 6 jacks.

Thanks again.

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 22 Oct 2001
Nope, absolutelly not.
In fact, all cabling manufacturers always emphasize that they make their CAT6 jacks to match their CAT6 plugs. And there is no cross-vendor compatibility between CAT6 manufacturers, especially now, before the CAT6 in finally ratified. Also, they don't sell CAT6 plugs separatelly because it takes a lot of efforts to terminate it properly plus you have to test it for CAT6 which is next to impossible with the lack of universal CAT6 channel adapters. Well, Microtest claims they have it, but I wonder how it's possible with no specs finalized yet.

Conclusion would be: it's not worth your time and money. CAT6 cords are not cheap, but this is a part you definitelly want to buy factory-made.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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