Extending from wall jacks

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 Question by Paul Roberts posted 07 Sep 2001
 Extending from wall jacks
I have a wall jack with about 15 metres of CAT 5e cable between it and a switching hub (the original installers did not use a patch panel). The wall jack is no longer needed, but a new socket is required a further 20 metres away. Can I plug the cable for the new socket into the unused wall jack, rather than going all the way back to the switch?

If not, is this because it won't work, or because it doesn't conform to the standards?

Are there any other ways of joining two cable ends that are allowed?

I have heard the rule that there should be a maximum of 90 metres of horizontal cable and 10 metres of patch cords. What is the reasoning behind this rule? If I break it, but the total cable length is still below 100 metres, will it work? Will it conform to the standards?
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 10 Sep 2001
Hello, Paul!

Yes, it will work because the cable length is less than 100 m and the cabling channel has only 2 connections (1st at the new outlet, 2nd at the old outlet).

In general, your cabling will function if the total cable length is 100 m and has not more than 4 connections (connections at the equipment are not included).

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