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 Question by C. Douglas Tobola posted 22 Aug 2001
I'm a newbie to cabling... thanks for your patience.
I'm currently running a couple of servers out of my [2nd-floor] office at home. I'd like to move them to a basement room (while keeping connections to my office computers upstairs).
I have a basement room selected and I'd like to put up a backboard (just plywood, nothing fancy) right next to the servers.
I'm comfortable running cat5 between floors. Could someone recommend some basic plans for a backboard, including patch panels and other components? I've got the book "Mike's Basic Guide to Cabling Computers and Telephone in Homes and Apartments," but it doesn't give much info on backboards design.
Thanks! -C. Douglas
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 23 Aug 2001

here are some recommendations for your backboard design:

* Backboard should be AC-grade plywood with a minimum thickness of 19 mm (0,75 in).
* It should be void-free and treated with two coats of fire-resistant paint.

* Use flush hardware and supports to mount plywood.

* Allow a clear space of 125 - 150 mm (5 in - 6 in) above and below the top and bottom of the connecting hardware for cable handling.

* In corners, a minimum side clearance of 300 mm (12 in) is recommended.

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