I need help to design a cabling system

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 Question by arthon dapitan posted 17 Mar 2007
 I need help to design a cabling system
i honestly have no idea in cabling systems to used and a friend suggested that i implement a 10 Base T category 5 UTP wire for this. The following are the information about the company's needs:

Location Distance Location Distance
A to B 15 meters Hub to A 152 meters
B to C 15 meters Hub to B 160 meters
C to D 15 meters Hub to C 168 meters
F to G 23 meters Hub to F 130 meters
G to H 23 meters Hub to G 107 meters
H to I 23 meters Hub to H 91 meters
I to J 61 meters Hub to I 84 meters
J to K 15 meters Hub to J 107 meters
K to L 15 meters Hub to K 99 meters
L to M 15 meters Hub to L 84 meters
A to M 221 meters Hub to M 69 meters
D to M 244 meters A to J 244 meters

this is a real big project. i need help. thank you very much..

i just need comments and reviews about it. please help. thank you again.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 28 Mar 2007
Dear Arthon,

I am not entirely sure about the layout of your network but it sounds like it's a mesh rather than a star or a hierarchical star as it supposed to be in Ethernet. In order to use any Ethernet equipment for that you would need to find ways to break multiple connections from a point and make sure that there is only one way from any particular point in your network back to the central switch.
As far as the lengths are concerned, most of your "Hub to X" links are beyond the standard capability of Ethernet-over-twisted pair being it 10BASE-T, 100 or 1000BASE-T for that matter. You are going to need to plan on using fiber optics to connect devices over that distance.

So, as you correctly pointed out, this is a rather big deal of a networking project and I sincerely recommend that you find a local expert that can survey the site, sit down with you and go over all the little details that make a more concrete answer over the Internet impossible.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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