25-pair layout

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 Question by Tim Cheney posted 18 Jun 2001
 25-pair layout
I am connecting two offices with a direct bury 25
pair cable. I noticed a couple of things about the
wire. First the pairs are not twisted, does this mean
I will not get 100Base-T after connecting it? Secondly,
what is the easiest way to track which wire I am
working with as I punch it down to the 110 blocks
on each side? For instance, there are 10 blues. How
do I get them punched down in the same order on both
ends? I could probably tone them or test each wire
with a clip, how would you recommend doing this?
Lastly, I'm having trouble getting rid of the goo
in the 25 pair.
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 19 Jun 2001
Dear Tim,

The cable you have is definitely not suited for 100BASE-T connection.
Actually, there is no outside 25 pair cable that I know of that is rated Category 5. So please reconsider your cabling plant design options and try to get fiber between the two offices if it's primarily for data network.

To get rid of the grease, you may want to use D-Gel (tm) solution. I suggest that you visit your nearest Graybar store to buy it in a bottle or on wipes.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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