RJ45 Switchports Installation on AT&T 110 connector

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Question by Eckart Nohns posted 28 Apr 2000
icon RJ45 Switchports Installation on AT&T 110 connector

we want to install a few hundred of Switchports in our LAN.
We use the cabling system of AT&T (now Lucent). We have the 110 Connectors.
Til this time we often use the telco connector to install ethernetports to the cross connect.
Now we want to install switches with RJ45 Outlet.
We need only ethernet and fast ethernet.
Therefore we search a cat5 utp cable with only (the ethernet) 2 pairs, because we would not waste too much space.
One side rj45 - other side installation on 110 connector.
Where can i get it ?
Has anyone an idea ?

Best regards
Eckart Nohns

Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 28 Apr 2000
icon Eckart,
Lucent calls these patch cords 120P4CAT5F-xB, where x stands for feet length.
The one you need is probably 120P4CAT5F-07B (Lucent's code is 107774531).
Check out their major distributor, Anixter at http://www.anixter.com or
contact the company, who installed your cabling system.
Beware of 110 blocks wiring. If they wired with your horizontal cables on the base of connecting blocks, it means that you have all 4-pair connection and there is no way to save those 2 extra pairs you don't need.
In this case to make things work you need 119P8CAT5F-xBT. Notice P8 that means all 8 conductors from RJ45 are connected to all 8 conductors in 110 plug.
Good luck!
With regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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