splicing old and cat 5 wire

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 Question by Art Utay68.224.193.10 posted 20 Dec 2006
 splicing old and cat 5 wire
I have recently rewired my home phone lines replacing the 4 wire (black,red,green, yellow) with 4 twisted pair cat 5 wire. However, I have a water meter transmitter which sends the meter reading through the phone lines. This line has a RJ-11 plug. Since I can't rejunction the meter transmitter to a T568A plug, is the correct slicing of the two cables as follows:

4 wire (old) to cat 5 (new)
1st pair
green splices to white w/blue (tip)
red splices to blue (ring)

2nd pair
black splices to white w/orange (tip)
yellow splices to orange (ring)

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 21 Dec 2006
Dear Art,

If you had no other choice then to splice then the color coding you listed is correct but a 2 pair rj-11 (really an rj-14) will plug into and mate with an 8 pin jack wired as T568A and mate up the same as you listed.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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