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 Question by Stan Chan posted 16 Feb 2001
 Gigabit cross-over cables
Could you share more insight on the topic of gigabit cross-over cables or point me in the right direction for sort of online documentation about it.

I have asked the tech-supports from several sources including 3Com and BlackBox on it and have not gotten a definitive answer.

With Gigibit Ethernet, doesn't all pair have full-duplex bi-directional transmission? With that in mind, if the hardware, being the gigabit switch, which should have the controllers built in to manage the flow of data, would a regular 10/100Base cross-over cable be sufficient??

Any insight you might have on this topic would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you very much.

 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 19 Feb 2001
Hi, Stan!

No, because of 4-pair transmission, normal 10/100-Base-T crossover cords will not work.

You will find information on 1000Base-T cross-over cord at this link:

Best regards
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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