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 Question by Jeroen Smeets posted 04 Nov 2006
I have a simple question on which i cant seem to find an answer.
Is it possible to use Installation cable cat 5e (so Solid core, not flex)for making patchcables with a normal RJ45 tool. Normally the connector blades cut through the litze/flex-core, but since this is not possible with a solid core, i wonder if you can tell me this is 'normal' practice. I want to use solidcore for this because A: i have it. and B: need to make long distances, and solid shoulk have a better damping factor.

Thanks for your time!
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 08 Nov 2006
Dear Jeroen,

I am a little confused on what "connector blades" you are referring to as most RJ tools do not have a blade for cutting the cable, it must be prepared and trimmed before inserting into a connector.

In any case it is not so much a matter of the tool as it is important to choose the correct connector as the teeth on the pins that mate with the cable are different for a solid conductor vs. a stranded conductor and also it may depend on the overall OF of the cable to insure proper stain relief without crushing the conductors against each other.

Cable made with solid conductors are normally used as "equipment" cables as solid conductors will not stand up to the flexing normally associated with "patch" cables.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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