100BaseT Splitter

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 Question by Walentyn Sebastian posted 13 Feb 2001
 100BaseT Splitter
I have read your Usenet answer to the subject question. However, I found the following intriguing blurb in a different Usenet discussion:

"Yes, it is possible. ... AMP Communications Outlet system has the solution. ... a dual RJ 45 outlet with pins 12/36 active on both jacks."

I reviewed the AMP catalog on line but cannot figure it out. All I need is one or two such set ups.

Is it really doable?

If so, how?

Thank you!

 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 14 Feb 2001
Dear Walentin,

It is doable either with a special kind of outlet or a splitter attached to just the normal outlet instead of regular attachment cord.


To make the system work you'll need to put two Ethernet signals on all four pairs of one cable. That's why your choice of patch panels is limited to only 110-type blocks, since they allow every pair to be routed separately. This is not about 110-type connections like everybody says for their modular (RJ45) patch panels. This is about 110-type wiring blocks (see example here).
Besides, I would never hard-wire one 4-pair cable onto two separate RJ45 jacks. Who knows, maybe just a year after you'll need all four pairs here (Gigabit Ethernet and such). That's why all non-standard wiring layouts are made outside the cabling system (specially made adapter replaces connection cord or/and equipment cord).

How it's done?
On both ends of the cable run pairs #2 and #3 connect to the same pairs of one RJ45 jack and pairs #1 and #4 connect to pairs #2 and #3 of the second RJ45 jack.

Again, I do not recommend to use hard-wired solution like this AMP/Tyco made specialty outlet.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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