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 Question by Tom C posted 06 Feb 2001
Please explain in detail the term "shared sheath technologies" Krone Prestolite is marketing a multipair cat 5 enhanced cable that will support shared sheath technologies.
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 07 Feb 2001
Hi, Tom!

"Shared sheath" means that you can use one multipair copper cable for different applications. For example, pair 1 transmits voice, pair 2&3 transmits data, pair 4 transmits video.

If a cable supports "shared sheath", it means that the manufacturer has tested different applications sharing one cable and issued a list of compatible applications for the particular cable type.

In general, applications using totally different frequency ranges tend not to interfere with one another within the common sheath (good example is voice and 10Base-T).

Best regards
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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