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 Question by chris reese posted 12 Oct 2006
 connecting computers
i am trying to connect my labtop to my desk top's wireless with a ethernet cable. i need a disription on how to properly do this. the stuff i have is a insiron 600m notepad and a dell d333 with an wireless card. i have a ethernet cable attached and the settings on both computers set to share connection. the lap top says its connected and can acess aim and yahoo but wont browse the web. i dunno maybe you do.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 14 Oct 2006
Dear chris,

Sorry but your description is confusing as you mention using a wireless card and a cable in the same connection either your connection is one or the other.

Typically PC's that have a wireless card is for "recieving" service, not transmitting a service like a router would do. If you are connecting these 2 PCs as a peer-to-peer network then the Ethernet cable must be a crossover type.

Also if the desktop is the one that has the internet service then it must be optioned for "sharing" this service. As both of these units are made by Dell, I would suggest contacting them for their help on this

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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