Hey hello need help

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 Question by Ric Lopez posted 20 Sep 2006
 Hey hello need help
Well guys i only have one question. I live outside USA and i have internet with Telefonica they use a network that was installed by a cable company called AMNET. They AMNET gives cable tv by its network and Telefonica dont built anything they uses this same network ( is coaxial cable ) this is supossed that both signals cable and internet travels throught the same cable but AMNET always put a filter in the conexion of the street to my house and i can't wach cable tv. The question is wich number and kind of filter i must use to can see cable tv and dont make problems to my internet conection i know that they have especial equipments that everytime that a person makes a change they identify it. But with the right tramp or filter it is disable. Please answer it will be very useful for me, thanks a lot
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 23 Sep 2006
Dear Ric ,

You actually need your CATV cable company to deal with the filters. Your level of service depends on the filters and if you've removed any filters or disabled them you would have broken the service agreement and should get penalized by the cable company. It is basically stealing because you'd be getting a level of service you did not pay for.
Hope this helps. Give your cable company a call, they should be able to answer any question about your particular filters.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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