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 Question by Ramon Royo posted 13 Sep 2006
 fiber optic to cat 5
We are planning to control our electronic marquee in a remote area, around 2000 feet in distance. We are considering of installing fiber optic cable from our pc to the electronic marquee RJ11 jack with cat5 cable then to the electronic marquee analog receiver. Will this configuration work? Do we have to install a converter at the electronic marquee?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 18 Sep 2006
Dear Ramon,

You first need to know what signals that are being sent to the marquee on that jack and then locate a proper convertor to convert to a fiber signal and back on the other end. Using a term like RJ11 doesn't really tell me what kind of signal this is. At 2000+ feet I would recommend using a SM fiber vs. a MM.
Companies like Blackbox make a number of different convertors that could fit you needs.
Joseph Golan, RCDD

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