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 Question by Tom Caswell posted 29 Jan 2001
 nicks in cable jacket
If the cable jacket has nicks only in the outer jacket- on say a 100 pair Riser rated or cat 3 cable. Will this have any effect on the cables performance. Will the nicks have any effect on NEC code or other relevant codes/specs. And finally, will the nicks have any effect on the plenum rating (CMP) or (CMR) rating.
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 30 Jan 2001
Hi, Tom!

You are asking a very interestin question.

I think that small nicks will not affect Cat3 cable performance very much. BUT if you are going to use this cable in plenum or riser, I would not do it because:

(1) cables are tested by the manufacturers for plenum or riser performance in perfect conditions (no nicks). If there are nicks on the cable, fire performance may become worse.

(2) cables with nicks are considered faulty and are covered by the manufacturer's warranty

Hope it helps,

Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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