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 Question by Balaji Raghavan posted 26 Dec 2000
 The network is too slow
We have got 2 computers networked via a cross wired cable (the one that looks like the telephone cables) without a hub. It uses a 10mbps Intex network card. Now when I transfer a executable file from alpha1 to alpha2, it is transfered across within 5 sec. But is i do it from alpha2 to alpha1 the same file takes more than 30-40 seconds. Alpha1 is a pentium 675mhz,64mb ram,20gb hdd,intel 810 chipset computer and alpha2 is pentium 90,32mb ram,2 gb hdd system. I have tried re-installing windows, switching the 2 network cards etc. The network cards are installed properly and do not show "?" in the system properties in Windows 98->control panel->system. What is wrong ?
 Answer by Dmitri Abaimov posted 27 Dec 2000
Dear Balaji,

I believe, in your case the problem is somewhere in the PCs. There are special devices called network monitors that tell about lost packets etc. If you have an access to such devices (like Fluke NetTool for ex), I would advise you to look at the network's performance.

As far as physical network is concerned, I think that one of the problems may come from the cross-over cord you use. If the alpha1 end creates too much crosstalk between the pairs in the cord, it can make problems for alpha1 to recieve the signal. That's only my thought: to get better guess you should replace the cross-over cord with the different one, preferrably factory-made (see the link at
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD

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