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 Question by Vinson Hua posted 16 Jun 2006
 cat5 stp & repeater in industrial environment
We have a large stone cutting shop. From the north wall to the south wall, we measured roughly 250 feet.
Our MPOE is at the north east wall and our office is at the south west wall, which is also where the "server room" is.
We recently ordered a T1 line to use as our main internet connection.
AT&T, previously known as SBC, can't find any freely available pairs to terminate the T1 line between the MPOE and the office. And they said that we'll need to "fix" this before they can proceed.
SOooo here comes the questions:
1) Given the long distance, and the noisy nature of the shop. (lots of high voltage cutting equipment running around...) will cat5e STP be sufficient?

2) Do I need a repeater in the middle? Please note that we are talking about just a regular T1 circuit, NOT ethernet (10bt) or fast ethernet (100bt) If yes, what kind of repeater?

Thanks in advance for the help. Much much appreciated!
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 20 Jun 2006
Dear Vinson,
In that environment and for T-1 I would NOT suggest category 5e STP even thought it might work.

I would suggest a cable that is made for T-1 also known as ABAM cable. As this is a harsh environment I would also suggest that you use a rugged type cable to prevent damage and moisture issues.

You do not say where you are but look at this site (Anixter) for some proper T-1 cables

Also your local installer should be able to make suggestion and help you with your installation as far as terminations, jacks etc.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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