Wiring Problem

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 Question by Guillaume Groen posted 25 Nov 2000
 Wiring Problem
Hello, I have installed UTP cable from my 3 floor down an aerial shaft down to my first floor. I connected these with walloutlets and used the 568e wiring scheme. at one side i connected an surfboard cable modem and at the other side an computer at the computer and at the cablemodem there is an link light that the cable is connected but i can't get a connection running. At the cable modem there is a light flashing that it is trying to send packages and When i use a cable and connect them directly then i can us the connection and then it works fine. can one of u please help me?
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 30 Nov 2000
Hi, Guillaume!

Everything tells me that the cable is installed or/and terminated incorrectly.

For solutions, check out this link:


Hope this helps,

Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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