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 Question by Michael Traynor posted 03 Apr 2006
 Need help with Cat 5 splitting
hello there.. i picked up a two way box cat5 splitter box.. i was trying or hoping to split the cat5 from a router to this splitter box. i am not sure of the diagram needed to do this.. if your holding the rj-45 jack upside down on the end that goes into the router.. the cables from left to right are solid brown / brownwhite / solidblue / bluewhite / solidorange / orangewhite / solidgreen / greenwhite .. now i on the splitter end of the unit.. it has two ports and two rj-45 ports.. of course 1-through 8.. i tried staight through on the unit itself and tried both cross over cable to computer and straight to comp.. neither works.. is there any special diagram someone can give me adivce or email me a diagram etc... this is annoying the hell out of me..


 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 03 Apr 2006
Dear Michael,

I am not sure what you actually have there is a cable splitter (where a 4 pair connection is turned into 2 2-pair connections for 10BaseT or 100BaseT) or a miniature HUB of some sort but the color codes you are calling out do not make sense. Take a look at this URL to get an idea of what a standard pin-out should be and orientation of plugs/jack pins:

If this is a miniature (2 Port) HUB then the cables should be straight through paired as shown in the above URL in either the T568A or T568B wiring configuration.

If this is a cable splitter for, then you would normally need two of them, one at each end of the cable. A typical cable splitter would be wired as per this URL:

If what you are trying to do is take a single port router and have it feed multiple PCs, then what you really require is a HUB.

If this is something else then you may not be able to accomplish what you think you can.

If you have any manufacturer data and part number, please repost with this information and we could try again to help you

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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