RJ61x wiring

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 Question by mike pizzo posted 03 Apr 2006
 RJ61x wiring
I ran 2 sets of cat 5 wiring in my house. For my nerwork cat-5 I am using the 568-a wiring scheme but for my telephone cat-5 I don't know which color row to use on a leviton 411-08 ra8 connector. One row says USOC and the other row says RJ61x. I am going to terminate everything into a leviton structured media panel which requires 568-a wiring. Thanks,Mike
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 03 Apr 2006
Dear mike,

Using an RJ-61X in a home is a little unusual but not impossible. I looked up the instruction sheet for the Leviton connector that you mentioned and found this sheet which says it is for the 6 and 8 conductor voice jacks (The "A" in place of the "*" indicates color), see this url:

The instruction sheet is not in color (showing conductor color and the instructions seemed to be flawed as they really only cover a 6 conductor version.

I also looked at the product spec sheet for this which does show the color codes for at least part of one side at this url:
Here I was at least able to determine that the solid colors (Red, Green,Yellow, Black, etc.) are for an older type of cable and will not apply to category 5 colors. Also RJ-61X is part of the USOC codes and I think you have confused the markings on the jack.
Also the first two pairs (white/blue & white/orange) of a RJ-61X jack are the same as the first two pairs of a T568A termination standard, the last two pairs (white/green & white/brown) are different and actually split.

You do not mention which Leviton Structured Media panel component you are using (there are some varieties) so it would be hard to guess what else you have there, but if you are only wiring for a 2-line telephone system then it will not matter. If you are using a 1x9 multiplier board, all 4 pairs will be fine as this unit does not know what wiring scheme you are using, just follow the pair color coding.

I am also writing Leviton about the flawed instruction sheet and if I get anything additional from them, I will pass it on to you via email.

Hopefully I have answered enough to get you going, if not either post back to the help-desk or email me with any additional information.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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