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 Question by Alan Baker posted 25 Mar 2006
 Cat 6 Male Termination
I recently ran two PCs peer to peer at 1000base-T, on a temporary basis, but only ever succeeded in achieving 100base-T connection. I could not buy a ready made crossover cable locally, so I bought a Belkin 30' straight one and cut a 6' piece off (for later use) and fitted a new RJ45 plug in the crossover config.
Both of these cables now have new RJ45 plugs and are now wired back to "straight" config - T568B, and are connected to a Netgear 1000base-T switch.
The longer cable works, but only at 100base-T. The shorter cable reports as unconnected!
In desperation, I bought a new 6' Belkin straight Cat 6 terminated cable, and that works fine at Gigabit speeds!!
I have checked and double checked the terminations by eye, by cable tester and by multi-meter of all three cables. By eye and by meter there is no difference between any of them, including no shorts or open wires. By cable tester the new cable shows all four pairs correct, but the other two cables as pairs 1,2 and 3 OK, pair 4 open or short. As the multi-meter shows this not to be the case, I can only presume that the plug pins are not connecting inside the sockets on the cable tester and the LAN cards. Is this likely? Have I used the correct (Belkin RJ45) plugs? What else could I have done wrong?
I assume it's all my fault, as Belkin seem to have got it right!!!

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 25 Mar 2006
Dear Alan,
Yes it is possible as there are different plugs depending if the cable is stranded or solid conductor, flat, round or oral shaped and also the plug should also carry a rating (category 3, 5e, 6, etc) Last is the tool used to terminate the plug must be compatible.

Last is that there is a different color code for a 1000BaseT crossover cable vs a 100BaseT crossover because in 1000BaseT all 4 pairs are required vs 2 pairs for 100BaseT. This url on our site shows the correct pin-out for a 1000BaseT crossover cable.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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