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 Question by Gary Tyler posted 23 Mar 2006
 Phone & Ethernet on Cat5e
(1)Since an ethernet connection uses only 2 of the twisted pairs in a CAT5e cable, will running a phone on one of the other unused twisted pairs in the same cable negatively affect network performance? AND (2) can two different ethernet connections share the same CAT5e cable (i.e. 2 twisted pairs per connection)
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 24 Mar 2006
Dear Gary,

While this can be done, It is the intent of the standards to have all 4 pair terminate on the same jack to insure future applications can run.

OK, I got that out of the way now onto your questions:

1. Use of telephone service in the same sheath as an Ethernet connection could impact network performance. However many people report to derogation of service in doing this.

2. Yes this can be done in two different ways, the first is preferred as it is standards based.

A. Use of a Y-splitter at both ends similar to what is shown at this site

B. Split the cable to two jacks wired as shown in this url

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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