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 Question by Scott Moravec posted 02 Mar 2006
 Cat 6 Cabling- can you pre-bundle?
Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it. I am running 96 cables from one patch panel, down a rack, under a raised floor in a server room, and then up another rack to another patch panel. It's a straight run, nothing hampering it in between, just will be a pain to have to run 96 cables one at a time. I thought pre-bundling it would be easier and faster on site install at my client location. If it's going to cause connectivity issues, then I'll run them separately. What about bundling them in groups of 6 or 7 and then running those bundles loose, would that work? I want to minimize my time on site in my clients server room.

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Many manufacturers of category 6 cables actually frown upon pre-bundling of cables and it may be a violation of their warranty conditions. If you do use a bundle, the cables should be loose and free-laid (not perfectly parallel) as it will contribute to an alien-cross-talk problem. Whatever is holding the bundle together should also be loose fitting as to not deform the jack and disturb the lay of the pairs within the cable.

You do not say how many cables you are running so I cannot address your 2nd question. My experience in working with pre-bundled cable has shown that once you get past about 6 cables, there is a lot of handling and snagging problems, even for just a 70 foot run. Also think about the total weight i.e. 70 x 48 cables = 3,360 x 27lb/1000 =90 lb bundle.

I need to run a bundle of Cat 6 cabling 70 feet from one patch panel to another, under a false floor in a server room. Will I need to be concerned about bundling that many together? I have a local cabler that will pre-bundle it for me, which I am looking at doing as it will save me a good chunk of time and grief.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 02 Mar 2006
Dear Scott ,

As I said in the original post, handling a large bundle, especially 96, will be difficult and weigh a total of 180 lbs. In addition you will need to separate them at some point into at least groups of 12 for termination (patch panels should be fed from both sides). Reconsider that large of a group, my real recommendation would be bundles of 12 max.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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