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 Question by Abigail Njai posted 28 Feb 2006
 Installing structured cabling system
Steps involved in installing structured cabling system?
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 28 Feb 2006
Dear Abigail,

This is quite an ambiguous question as the steps and details will depend on the type and size of the cabling system. One end of the spectrum is a small office or residential project and the other end being a multi-building campus with multiple floor buildings.

In general I normally proceed as follows:

1. Start with a plan (blueprint) of the area (including furniture and equipment) to determine the location and number of user locations.
2. Determine a location(s) of the TRs (Telephone Rooms) checking the distance and routing for link compliance.
3. Determine the number and type of cables required for the user outlets and any inter-equipment cabling including feed for services.
4. Develop a single line drawing showing all typical connections from the user outlets to the various equipment and services.
5. Choose a style of of the equipment (manufacturer, colors, interconnection type, etc.)
6. Develop required elevation and plan-view plans showing placement of the TR equipment.
7. Put together a bill of materials based upon the plans.
8. Develop the pull and termination schedules including the cable and outlet numbering plan for all cable runs (horizontal, riser and inter equipment.
9. Collaborate with all other vendors for coordination of equipment and services.
10. Place material order including securing delivery dates.
11. Print sufficient number of copies of all documentation to facilitate the installation including all labels required.
12. Plan installation labor crew schedule based upon customer needs and material due dates.
13. Install cable plant, first rough installation, then terminations and finally testing and identification.
14. Turn over to customer as-built information for record.

If you have a more specific question regarding any of these steps, please feel free to post back.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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