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 Question by Jay Toor posted 22 Feb 2006
 Cat 5 Splicing
Can you please tell me how and if this is the correct method. I need to join rooftop outdoor cable to indoor plenum rated cable. This connection is to connect rooftop wireless device to indoor switch.

 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 23 Feb 2006
Dear Jay,

From your question I think you were trying to transmit an attachment file to our server but I did not see one there.
I am going to assume that you are running a category 5e cable that is rated for outdoor use (flooded type cable ) and wish to change over to a indoor cable as you enter the bulding. I also gather that your are running this out on your roof for whatever reason.
While this is not specifically covered in standards or codes as far as the splicing goes, there are considerations that this is an "exposed" cable as far as lightning is concerned.
There are a number of "protector" type devices that are available on the market and I would strongly suggest that you include this in you design to protect users and the equipment.

here is a link to an article on this subject:'category%205e%20protector'

Here is a catalog page showing one of these type of devices.

These devices must be grounded (#10 awg MINIMUM) in accordance with the manufacturers instructions in order to give this protection and are available in either RJ-45 or 110 punch-down (in & out) termination methods. This would accomplish your required splice at the same time.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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