wiring for two systems tel and data

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 Question by Tony Tony posted 21 Feb 2006
 wiring for two systems tel and data
I have run a separate 5E Data cable and a separate 5E Telephone cable. What would you recommend for standard configuration standards each cable? I was thinking of T568A on both cables. Do you think I should consider running telephone and data on the same cable leaving one of the cables as a spare? Right now I have a FAX line, one voice line with DSL but I will probably have two voice lines in the future.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 21 Feb 2006
Dear Tony,

The choice of T568A would also be my preference especially for a home. While data doesn't really matter for which one is used, in a home environment, especially when there are plans for multi line telephone it really falls into the plan as the pairs one and two of the cable match perfectly with lines 1 & 2 of a two line telephone. I would avoid mixing of voice and data in the same cable as much as possible. There are splitters made that will break down a 4 pair cable into four separate jacks for voice use. A sample of this is made by the Siemon Company. See this URL for an example:
Even though this splitter is designed for T568B, it will work fine on a jack wired to T568A standards by just reversing jack 2 & jack 3 of the output side.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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