difference between non-standard and standard network wiring configuration (tia/eia)

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 Question by Michael Suyat posted 18 Feb 2006
 difference between non-standard and standard network wiring configuration (tia/eia)
Hello can i ask u what is the difference between Non-standard straight thru network wiring patch chord cable against standard network wiring patch chord cable? and tell me also the draw back and advantages.
thank you very much for your assistance and help.
 Answer by Joseph Golan posted 18 Feb 2006
Dear Michael,

I am not really sure what you are referring to as "Non-standard straight" patch cords but I am going to guess that you mean a cable that is pinned with Wh/Bl on pin 1; Bl/Wh on pin 2; etc.

While electrons are color-blind, what is most important here is maintaining pair continuity. Pairs of cable are needed as follows for the 8 pin modular plug for networks.
Pins 1 & 2
Pins 3 & 6
Pins 4 & 5
Pins 7 & 8
If I continued with the original assumption of your "Non-standard straight" the 2nd and 3rd pairs would then be split which would have a very detrimental effect on the network signal, if it works at all. I see no advantage to this wiring scheme as it is not designed to work with any system or protocol.

Joseph Golan, RCDD

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