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 Question by K.G. Baker posted 17 Nov 2000
 ISDN wiring
the phone co. is coming to "install" an ISDN line to my home in a few days. They promise to bring the service to the home, but I am reaponsible to get the inside wiring done. I have a home network wiring system in place (new home). The system is by "Open Home" and has distribution to each room in the house via a RJ-45/coax combo outlet. How to I get the service to the room that I want it to be installed in??? The system came with NO manual and there is NO schematic outline for the distribution. HELP!!
 Answer by Roman Kitaev posted 18 Nov 2000

If you have a modern residential telecom wiring system, then you should have a central distribution panel serving as the central point for all cable runs. It may be located in a service closet, garage, basement or utility room.

Both external (like external ISDN line) and internal (from the outlets in the rooms) lines come to this panel and then are interconnected there to distribute the services through the house.

In your case, locate the port, to which your ISDN is connected, and the port, to which your required outlet is connected. After this, connect those ports using an appropriate patch cord (usually, 4-pair UTP cord).

Also, for better understanding of your wiring system, I would recommend you our "Guide to Residential Cabling" available at

In addition, it is highly probable that you use the system called "OpenHouse" from ChannelPlus ( . Go to their web site and i think you will find additional details.

Best regards
Roman Kitaev, RCDD

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